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   The 2020 National Women's Volleyball Championship has become different because of the participation of national players. The level and atmosphere of the competition have also caught up with the National Games. This also made Tianjin team teenager Wang Yizhu feel the pressure. However, fighting all the way as the main attacker and finally helping the team win the championship, Wang Yizhu is also full of gains in all aspects of technology, psychology, experience and consciousness.


   Wang Yizhu, who was born in March 2001, is only 19 years old this year, and she became volleyball at the age of 11. In 2016, Wang Yizhu, who was still studying in Yichun Tieli No. 1 Middle School, was selected as a non-professional player in the National Girls Volleyball Team. Also in 2016, 15-year-old Wang Yizhu entered the Tianjin Youth Women's Volleyball Team to start professional volleyball. In 2017, his team won the National Games Women's Volleyball Youth Championship in Tianjin. After the National Games, Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan, Meng Zixuan, Li Yanan and other players have become the main players of the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Senior Team, but Wang Yizhu, who is relatively inexperienced, has difficulty keeping up with his teammates for a while. In the previous few years, in addition to day-to-day hard training, only the annual national women's volleyball championship and championships were available for her to play for training, but these two games lacking national players did not help her technical and psychological growth.

王一竹,2001年3月出生,今年只有19岁,她在11岁时成为排球。2016年,仍在宜春铁力第一中学读书的王一竹被选为国家女子排球队的非职业球员。同样在2016年,年仅15岁的王一竹进入天津青年女子排球队开始职业排球。 2017年,他的团队在天津赢得了全运会女子排球青年锦标赛冠军。全运会后,李莹莹,王媛媛,孟子轩,李亚男等球员成为天津女排高级代表队的主要队员,但亚博登录网址相对缺乏经验的王义柱很难跟队友保持一致而。在过去的几年中,除了每天的艰苦训练外,她还只有一年一度的全国女子排球锦标赛和锦标赛可供训练,但是缺少国家球员的这两场比赛并没有帮助她提高技术和心理水平。

This year's National Women's Volleyball Championship is completely different for Wang Yizhu. Not only are the two national players of the Tianjin team Li Yingying and Wang Yuanyuan returning to the team, but also the opportunity to compete against powerful national players such as Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu, and Yang Hanyu. "This game is very different to me. The first time I played such an important game as a main player, the sisters of the national team returned to the local team. The opportunity to play with them is very rare."

今年的全国女排锦标赛与王一竹完全不同。不仅天津队的两名国家队队员李英颖和王媛媛重亚博游戏下载苹果返球队,而且还有机会与强大的国家队队员张长宁,龚向宇和杨汉宇竞争。 “这场比赛对我来说是非常不同的。我第一次参加像主要球员这样重要的比赛时,国家队的姐妹们回到了当地队。与他们一起比赛的机会非常少。”

   1.87 meters tall, Wang Yizhu has good jumping ability and great strength. Offense is her dominant technique, and her teammates also gave her the nickname "Dali". However, training and competition are different after all. Wang Yizhu had a wonderful spiking score in this game, but there were also many mistakes that shouldn’t have been made. She also said: “Training is a process of accumulation, but skills in the game also need to be grasped. Good attitude. Sometimes I’m too anxious on the court. I think about scoring when I have a chance. It’s easy to make mistakes. I didn’t play well in some games in this game. The coach and teammates did not blame me, but kept encouraging me. , Explain to me some technical essentials and mentality grasp."

王义柱身高1.87米,具有良好的跳跃能力和力量。进攻是她的主要技术,她的队友也给她起了绰号“大理”。但是,培训和竞争毕竟是不同的。王义柱在这场比赛中得分出色,但也有很多本不该犯的错误。她还说:“训练是一个积累的过程,但游戏中的技能也需要掌握。好的态度。有时候我在球场上太着急了。我会在有机会时考虑得分。容易犯错误。我在这个游戏的某些游戏中玩得不好。教练和队友并没有怪我,而是一直鼓励我。 ,请向我说明一些技术要领和心态把握。”

   If you want to become a high-level attacker with comprehensive skills, Wang Yizhu has to pass this pass, and she has already made a bold attempt in this game. In the semi-finals against the Jiangsu team, he offered to help Li Yingying take a pass. Wang Yizhu bravely took this step and became a key factor affecting the trend of that game. "In fact, I have been practicing my first pass, and the coach has always asked me to develop into a comprehensive attacker. I feel that since I have practiced, I must dare to use it in the game." Wang Yizhu said, "Although this time I won the championship with the whole team in the game, but I know I still have many shortcomings, and I need to improve myself in the next training."

如果您想成为一名具有综合技能的高级攻击者,则王一竹必须通过这一关,她已经在这场比赛中做出了大胆的尝试。在对江苏队的半决赛中,他主动提出帮助李莹莹通过。王义柱勇敢地迈出了这一步,成为影响比赛趋势的关键因素。 “事实上,我一直在练习我的首传,教练一直要求我发展成为一名全面的进攻者。我觉得自从练习以来,我必须敢于在比赛中使用它。”王义柱说:“虽然这次我在全队比赛中都获得了冠军,但是我知道我仍然有很多缺点,在下一次训练中我需要提高自己。”

Tianjin team coach Wang Baoquan also affirmed Wang Yizhu’s performance, “This tournament has national players participating and Wang Yizhu has also gotten a good workout. Although there are ups and downs in performance, it’s good that she can withstand the pressure and persist. But next year’s National Games The arena is very difficult, and she needs to improve in technical and psychological aspects."


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