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Tiger Fight, October 20, Atletico midfielder Marcos Llorente accepted an exclusive interview with Aspen.


This is an opportunity we have to fight for. This year's Champions League is a good opportunity. We all hope to win the Champions League, but not everyone has such luck. The goal of Atletico Madrid every season is to win and hope to go all out.


Yes, we are more looking forward to it, because there is no doubt that Suarez’s joining has greatly improved our strength. He has maintained a very good state for many years. We are very happy to have such a player joining. I also believe that he can give us a lot of German catches and help in events like the Champions League.


I think I am a player, as long as I play the game, no matter where I am. Generally speaking, I am more in the frontcourt now, whether it is a forward or a wing, but sometimes I often return to midfield. I now need to adapt to any position. As long as I can help the team, I don’t care about my position. .

我认为我是一个玩家,只要我玩游戏,无论我在哪里。总的来说,无论是前锋还是侧翼,我现在都处于前场,但有时我经常回到中场。我现在需要适应任何职位。只要我能为团队提供帮助,我就不在亚博游戏下载苹果乎我的位置。 。

We respect any opponent. Now Bayern is the best team in the world. Their performance last season has proved this. This is a very difficult opponent. There is no doubt that we respect Bayern very much, but Atletico Madrid is not without any We have proved that this team can play against any opponent, and we will do the same tomorrow.


Yes, in such a game, the opportunity is fleeting, so whether it is offensive or defensive, we need to ensure balance and effectiveness. We must limit Bayern’s opportunities and create opportunities to score as much as possible. This game will be very difficult. We can't give our opponents a chance. Bayern has previously shown how they can crush their opponents if they get space.


Everyone likes to play against the strongest opponent. The stronger the opponent, the higher the expectation, because this brings us more motivation and makes us more motivated. For example, when we beat Liverpool last season, we played very exciting games in two rounds and eliminated the defending champion. Bayern will be a very strong opponent, the best team now, this time we will continue to face the difficulties and hope to win.


Lewand, he is Bayern’s top scorer, but I chose him not just for scoring goals. He performed very well last season, and it remains the same this season. I think if it is not the best player, but also one of the best players, we need to pay great attention to his performance.


When my grandfather (Gento) won the Champions League, I was not even born yet, but he lifted so many championships to make me proud, if I can reproduce his glory, it would be great, they treat me It’s very important. I feel honored to have such a family. My elders have been helping me and keeping me on the right path.


Everyone wants to be the main force. If you believe in your own strength but have not become the main force, then it is really uncomfortable. But in the end it still needs the coach to decide. If the coach chooses to reuse other players, then all you can do is to respect the coach's choice and train hard to wait for opportunities. This is what I have been doing.






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