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After Li Xiaopeng dismissed get out of class, since the start of the Chinese Super League this season, the number of coaches dismissed by each team has reached 5, namely Shenzhen’s Donadoni, Jianye’s Yang Ji, Zall’s Jose, TEDA’s Stlick and Luneng’s. Li Xiaopeng. Compared to previous years, the number of get out of class dismissal in the group stage is not too large, but in the knockout game that determines the fate, once the result is not good, the coach is likely to drop the get out of class. Who will be the first person in the knockout stage?

自从本赛季中国超级联赛开赛以来,李小鹏被解雇退学后,每支球队解雇的教练人数已达到5人,即深圳的多纳多尼,建业的杨吉,扎尔的何塞,泰达的斯特里克和鲁能。李小鹏与往年相比,小组赛阶段下课的解雇次数不是太大,但是在决定命运的淘汰赛中,一旦成绩不好,教练很可能会放弃下课。 。谁将成为淘汰赛阶段的第一人?

In the knockout rounds, the championship group and the relegation group, for the coaches of each team, the degree of cruelty varies greatly. For the Super League teams in the relegation group, even if they lose the first round, it is not the end of the world. Teams can still be successfully relegated in the second round. Therefore, as a last resort, the teams generally do not choose to change coaches midway. The championship group is different. For many Chinese super teams, being eliminated in the first round means that they have missed the AFC Champions League, and being eliminated in the second round means that they have missed the championship, unless it is China Fortune and Chongqing. A team with no desires, otherwise every game is a decisive battle.


In this case, the coach of the championship team is more likely to become the next coach after class. For example, Guoan coach Genesio, in terms of team strength, Guoan should be stronger than Luneng, but in recent years, Guoan has been at a disadvantage against Luneng. Therefore, the first round of the knockout round of Jinglu battle against Genesi For Austria, the challenge is huge. Once Guoan is eliminated by Luneng, the get out of class waiting for Genesio will definitely be dismissed. And if Luneng is eliminated by Guoan, Hao Wei may not immediately dismiss get out of class, after all, he took over time later, and Luneng may also be able to hit the FA Cup champion, so as to curve to get the AFC spot. After all, there is a conflict between this year's AFC schedule and the FA Cup schedule. It is difficult for the Super League's BIG4 to fight distractedly. There is great hope for Luneng to hit the FA Cup championship.


In addition, the Shanghai Derby is also quite suspenseful. After Shenhua has invested heavily in signings this year, the target set is to enter the top four, or get the AFC qualification. In the FA Cup, Shenhua was eliminated in the first round, which means that they have to score in the top four before they can hope to qualify for the AFC next season. However, facing the powerful Shanghai SIPG, Shenhua is obviously in a strong position. Downwind. Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi is a famous Asian football coach, and there are no lack of classic battles with weak over strong before. However, if Shenhua is eliminated by SIPG this time, it basically means that Shenhua will be empty this season. Does the management have the patience to wait for Cui Kangxi? Of course, if Shenhua is upset and eliminated SIPG, then the departure of SIPG coach Pereira will be a certainty.


As for the relegation group, here is definitely the final result. Since this year’s relegation quota is 1.5, considering the huge advantage of the Super League team against the Chinese A team, many people think that the Super League is actually equivalent to just one relegation quota. . From the current point of view, the three teams of Jianye, TEDA and Huanghai are con亚博登录网址sidered to be popular for relegation. The coaches of the three teams, Javier, Wang Baoshan and Wu Jingui, are naturally popular for get out of class. However, considering the stability of the team, even if Wang Baoshan and Wu Jingui dismiss get out of class, it will happen after the end of the season. Javier, who had a mediocre resume before, is at g亚博游戏下载苹果reater risk. If he leads the team to face Zall in the first round, Being beaten by opponents does not rule out Jianye's new coaching change. To

至于保级组,这绝对是最终结果。由于今年的降级配额为1.5,考虑到中超联赛对中国A球队的巨大优势,许多人认为中超联赛实际上只相当于一个降级配额。 。从目前的角度来看,建业,泰达和黄海这三支球队被认为是保级的热门。哈维尔(Javier),王宝山(Wang Baoshan)和吴进贵(Wu Jingui)这三支球队的教练自然很受欢迎,因为他们下课了。但是,考虑到球队的稳定性,即使王宝山和吴金贵被解雇,也可能在赛季结束后发生。哈维尔(Javier)以前的履历平平,面临更大的风险。如果他带领球队在第一轮面对扎尔,那么被对手击败并不排除建业新的执教经历。至

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