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   Source of manuscript: Jinan Times 


   Wang Dalei was interviewed on the sidelines after the game and was asked about the penalty kick just opened in the second half, showing a "you know" expression. Luneng captain Hao Junmin updated his personal social platform after the game, and issued such a meaningful sigh: "If you want to play like this, it will not be too fun." The incomprehensible whispers that appeared in the first round of the Jinglu battle, In the end, an honest person was forced to be uncomfortable. Luneng has determined that it will appeal for the disputed penalties in this game. Such an approach is really necessary-although the results of this campaign can no longer be changed, but at least we must try to ensure that next Thursday's "second half" will no longer suffer from penalty issues.


   In fact, in the first stage of the game, Guoan once played the role of "victim". In the final moments of the game against China Fortune, Guoan was sentenced to a penalty kick, so the opponent tied the score. After that game, Guoan felt that he was wronged by the great. The club official Bo said late at night: "Darkness will not cover the earth forever!" Guoan Club Chairman Zhou Jinhui even left a message on the team's official account: "Fairness" Fairness is an important guarantee for professional football matches. If the referee's penalties are not fair, it will harm not only the team and players, but also the foundation of the league. The result of today’s game cannot be changed, but Zhonghe The Guoan club must file a complaint at the first time. The game can be lost, but it will never tolerate the existence of darkness!" In that controversy, whether Guoan was "losing a loss" or not, for the time being, after the first round of the Beijing Lu I feel that Jay Chou said it very well.


   Whether it is angry or speechless, General Luneng and Lu Mi have to accept such a result. The battle ended 2 to 2, making the亚博游戏下载苹果 battle between Beijing and Lu into a battle. It is regrettable not to reap the victory, but some of the highlights of Luneng in this battle are really gratifying.


   In the first half of the game, Luneng took a two-goal lead, which proved that Hao Wei's strategy was quite successful before the game. Regardless of factors such as referee's penalties, Hao Wei did not fail in this conversation with Guoan coach Genesio.


   The recovery of Hao Junmin's state is also a big plus for Luneng. The goal Jin Jingdao scored was the assist Hao Junmin sent him. In the first stage of the league, Hao Junmin was absent for a long time due to injury and only played 9 games. Judging from the performance on the court in the first round of the Jinglu battle, Hao Junmin has completely recovered from his injuries and is gradually recovering his state.


   Wang Dalei's performance in this battle is equally commendable. In this game, Wang Dalei, who started the game first, got high and low gear in the first half, trying to keep the goal safe, showing a fiery state. If in the second round of the contest, Wang Dalei can continue the play, then it will add an important weight for Luneng to advance to the semi-finals.


   "Our goal is to be the champion, so the game has to be played one after another." Wang 亚博游戏下载苹果Dalei said in an interview after the game. And a team that pursues championships must have a champion's heart that matches it. After the anger and helplessness have passed, the Luneng generals need to get their moods as soon as possible, prepare for the next few days, and prepare for the decisive battle next Thursday.


Regarding the champion’s heart, Yao Ming’s former mentor and NBA coach Tomjanovich once left such an unusually passionate motto: "We have been along the way, and we have not been favored. For those who do not believe us, I There is only one sentence to say, never underestimate the heart of a champion. "I look forward to our team, also in the next journey, showing such a tough and decisive temperament.


   (New Times reporter Hou Chao sent from Suzhou)






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