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Tiger Fighting October 7th The game against Sabadell can also be said to be a Catalan Derby, because Sabadell is only a 30-minute drive from Barcelona. This is a small town with a population of only more than 200,000. The whole city feels very leisurely亚博游戏下载苹果 and quiet. People on the streets are more entertaining and enjoying life.


I first knew that Sabadell was not actually the name of the place, but because of their bank. You can see Sabadell’s billboards and ATM outlets all over Spain. This city has also increased its popularity. The hotel where we stayed away this time is opposite the headquarters of Sabadell Bank. Their building is quite eye-catching in a small city. It can be regarded as a landmark.


Although it was very close, the team arranged to arrive one day earlier. When we checked into the local hotel, some fans spontaneously came to greet us.


Sabadell’s home game is actually of great significance to the Espanyol club. In 1996, the Spaniard was punished at home and the following games were held here, but the team eventually entered the Europa League here. . It can be said to be a blessed place.

萨瓦德尔的主场比赛对西班牙人俱乐部实际上具有重要意义。 1996年,西班牙人在家中受到惩罚,随后在这里举行了比赛,但球队最亚博登录网址终在这里进入了欧洲联赛。 。可以说是一个幸福的地方。

However, the whole stadium is really simple in comparison, and it looks like a community stadium outside. The entrance to the stadium feels more like the gate of a domestic middle school. There are many courses with a long history in Europe. Although they are old and look a little rudimentary in appearance, it is true that although the sparrows are small and complete, especially the turf of the stadium, they absolutely maintain first-class standards. There is a sharp contrast in China,


As I mentioned before, when most teams meet us, they will definitely play with the spirit of 12 points. This newly promoted horse has a clear strategy, defends well and looks for opportunities to counterattack. Fortunately for us in this game. Very patient, not impatient because of the late goal. Scoring a goal is naturally a matter of course! At this time, it doesn't matter who scores, everyone's efforts to score points for the team as soon as possible is the most practical task at hand.


In fact, we all had a good mentality before the game. Before we assemble and go to the away field, there happened to be an echelon game in the base. Everyone watched the echelon game with great interest for a while. The biggest impression I had was that they really grew up. He has been exposed to deep technical and tactical content, even as detailed as the different tactics of kick-off. At the age of 15, he has a very thorough understanding of the overall football and formation play.

实际上,我们所有人在赛前都有良好的心态。在我们聚集起来并进入遥远的场地之前,基地里碰巧有一场梯队游戏。大家都以浓厚的兴趣观看了梯队比赛。我给人的最大印象是他们真的长大了。他已经接触了深厚的技术和战术内容,甚至包括各种不同的开球战术。 15岁那年,他对整体足球和编队比赛有非常全面的了解。

Thinking of the previous time, I read a report written by Benitez on the Internet. He said, "In China, players only learn the football knowledge we knew when we were young when they were 18, 20 or 21 years old."


However, in recent years, many young coaches, including some of my former teammates, have begun to devote themselves to youth training, find the gaps, face them squarely, and move forward step by step. Our football will surely be a matter of course.


(Editor: Yaofan)

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